What I Do
Code Screen I advise on and develop computer software for third parties for internal use or resale, as well as developing products which are marketed under my own name, or in the past the name IS Associates.

Light heartedly... never trust a socially competent person who claims to be a programmer, great programmers are nice guys/girls, but most of us can’t talk to normal people.

This is important because it is easy to take a lack of talking as a lack of interest, whereas it probably means "I understand what you have just said and I have no questions."
Oh no, another software company!
me too The web is full of software businesses so why choose me? 

Well, I don't want the business that most software companies do, if you know what you want and have a proper budget then I am probably not interested!
I am interested in talking about risky projects, such as "we can't afford it, how about taking a commission on each sale or each transaction."

I'm a programmer not a graphic designer.
Not a GA I am a hard core techie and I don't/can't really do "pretty screens".

With projects where screen layout goes beyond traditional IT styles , it is nearly always best to employ a programmer and a graphic designer, the skillsets are so different that they are rarely found in the same person.

Side Notes
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It's not what I say on the web says that matters, it's that I can actually do it. I come from the generation that when an application needed a database, you wrote the database, then you wrote the application.

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