Commentaries On Big News Stories
Business news coverage is like the new coverage in most areas, when something interesting happens it is all over the news and often reported on by non specialists and after a few days it's time to move on to the next big story.

It is very rare for the news to go back and revisit the story once most of the details have been discovered.

While this is understandable it makes it very hard to learn from mistakes or events that are reported as mistakes as it is very difficult to understand what the problem really was and what solutions are needed, if there actually was a problem.

Finance stories often start off with individuals or groups who have made a poor decision and lost money, it is quite rare for such stories to say well it is your own fault, something that may be said here.

Stories may start here when they are still in the news but they will be revisited when appropriate and the idea is to try to understand what a private investor could or should learn from them.

Big New Stories