About User Names
If you want to post comments or feedbacks you can post anonymously or create a user name.

If you create a user name then you need to specify just a username and password and there is no waiting for a confirmation email.

Most Sites that allow postings to be recorded against a user name require that you create an account and provide an email address.

As all comments are moderated prior to being displayed this set up and confirmation process which is onerous is not necessary so putting no barrier in the way of a useful "passers by" contribution.

Please note that we have no way of reminding you of what your password is if you forget it.
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Field Notes
Field Required Data Type Notes
User Name Yes Text - 6-32 characters long Your desired user name
Password Yes Text - 6-32 characters long Password to allow use of your user name.

The < and > characters should not be used within the user name or password as they will be removed as will leading and trailing spaces.

Please note that a deleted user name can not be restored.