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Car Insurance Questions
Tue 30 Jun 2020 09:09:46
Why are changes so expensive?

I've been charged a £25 admin fee to update my policy details.
I have added an answer to this question at

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"Antique" Computer Insurance
Some 5 1/2 floppy discsAlthough technically pretty close to useless old computer equipment is very difficult to replace as it mostly ended up in the skip.

Insure it with us and we can fund the replacement of your MK-14 or Jupiter Ace.
Beer Insurance
Beer glass Many cask ale pubs find that business profitability is affected by poor quality ale.

Once the barrel is open and half sold you can't send it back and it starts to go off after a a few days.

We offer Poor Selling Beer Insurance allowing you to dispose of bad beer and retain your reputation.
Spaceship Insurance
Minbari spaceship from B5 Despite CGI taking over special effects many models are still produced and then scanned. These models are close to irreplaceable as model makers are rare and heavily booked up.

We are the UK's major insurer of movie props.
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