Job Filters
Elance screen shot If you use Elance you may find this Google Chrome Extension useful.
Filter by client location.
The code that you download filters based on the location being the United Kingdom, you will need to change it in the file ElanceByClientLocation_V1p00.js to your desired location.

if ((strLocation.indexOf('United Kingdom') != -1)
|| (strLocation.indexOf('replace with second country if required') != -1)
return true;

Open the file using Notepad not your favourite word processor as the word processor might corrupt it. Download it

Version 1.0 16/Feb/2013 - First release

Installation instructions
Installation instructions.
In order to avoid be continually bombarded with support questions extensions are supplied as source files, rather than as a packed installable file.
  1. Download the files from the appropriate above link.

  2. Create a folder and extract the files from the zip file into it, it doesn't matter what you call the folder.

  3. Elance screen shotSelect Customise Chrome menu.

  4. Select the Tools menu item.

  5. In the pop out menu select the Extensions item.

  6. Ensure that the check box for Developer Mode is checked.

  7. Press the Load Unpacked Extensions button.

  8. Select the folder that you unzipped the files to. This should install the Extension and it should add an Icon to the toolbar.

  9. If you change the js file, you will to click on the Reload (Ctrl+R) link.