Ian Smith Freeware License
Version 1.04 12th Feb 2013

Copyright (C) 2013 Ian Smith, 62 Bath Road, Worcester, England, U.K.

Freeware is a generic term and this License is not attempting to acquire ownership of the term.

The Software:
Any computer program along with its associated documentation and data files that states that it is covered by this License: whether such a statement is within the program within the distribution or within the program's documentation.
The Licensor:
Mr Ian Smith of 62 Bath Road, Worcester, England, U.K. trading as IS Associates.
The User:
Any person using copying distributing redistributing The Software

Terms and conditions.
1.This License is issued by The Licensor and not by any person who provides a copy of this License.

2.No alteration to the terms of this license are permitted.

3.In the event that any portion of this License is found to be invalid or unenforceable then this License as a whole is immediately terminated. This clause overrides the initial license period and its automatic extensions clauses.

4.This License is granted to The User at the point that the user acquires The Software and is valid until 23:59 on the 31st of December of the year of acquisition. Immediately prior to every expiry of this License a twelve months extension is automatically granted unless notification of its cancellation is given on the web site located at http://WWW.IanSmithCSE.co.uk or in any other reasonable form.

5.This License permits the use of The Software by The User in any situation where its failure to function will have no significant consequences.

6.This License forbids the use of The Software in any situation where its failure to function will have significant consequences.

7.This License permits the User to copy distribute or redistribute The Software to any other party provided that the receiving party receives a copy of this License and a full complete and unaltered copy of The Software.

8.The receiving party is not obliged to accept this License but if he does not do so he has no rights to use copy distribute redistribute The Software.

9.No fees may be charged for using copying distributing or redistributing The Software with the exception of recovering the cost of any media used and any postage & packing or transmission charges.

10.The User understands and accepts that The Software is provided free of charge and is of a quality appropriate to that price. Under no circumstances will the The Licensor be liable for any loss or damages arising out of the use of The Software.

11.This license may have been distributed with HTML formatting codes in these cases the HTML formatting codes are not part of the License.

End of license