What Is Freeware?
Freeware imageFreeware is software that is licensed under this licence at a zero fee. This does not mean that the software is Public Domain, GPL or not copyrighted it simply means that you may use the software without the requirement for payment provided that you agree to the license.

It is genuinely free, there are no adverts, no functionality has been removed.

Unlike many sites offering Freeware, we only host programs that we have written ourselves.
Download Applets
MoneyManager A teaching aid for basic money management skills.

Google Chrome Extensions
Elance Job Filters If you don't know what Elance is then this isn't for you.

Download Utilities
AllFonts Displays a sample sentence in all of the available fonts. It can also display the characters within that font, this is useful for "picture" fonts such as Wingdings.

Cash Flow Viewer Looking a bit like a spreadsheet, this is a way of looking at your cash flow.

Cheque Print Print batches, or one off cheques using your inkjet printer.

Disk List A utility that builds a log of all of the files on a disc, which can be used at a later date to list files that have been added or removed .

File Find And Replace Find and replace in files of a specified type in a folder and its subfolder.

Power Delete A utility to delete a range of files, decided by their extension, location and age.   

Download DLLs
DirForVBA A dll with a COM interface that allows multiple concurrent directory scans.

Our intention is that you can just download and run Freeware programs, but as we are addressing such a large audience it is inevitable that some people will not have things that we have assumed that they do.

If you do have problem just let us know and we will point you to the bit of Microsoft's site to download the missing bits.