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Both MoneyManager.ipl and the IPL interpreter are copyrighted software.

Any person using MoneyManger.IPL or the IPL interpreter accepts that they are freebies intended for use in environments where there failure to perform is of no significant consequence and both the program MoneyManager.ipl and the IPL interpreter are supplied on an As Is basis.

If you do not accept these conditions then there no terms under which you are licenced to use them.

Download Instructions For MoneyManager.ipl

Money Manager uses the Initial Programming Langauge which you will also need.
  1. Goto the IPL page at IPL Downloads

  2. Download the IPL Interpreter and possibly the Visual C++ redistributables.

  3. Then possibly download Money Manager. Money Manager is included in the IPL Interpreter download in the \ProgramFiles(x86)\IPL\samples folder, so if the dates for both are the same on the downloads page then you won't need to download it.

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