Bespoke for Resale
Software Screen We can develop software that you can sell under your own name without anyone knowing that you didn't write it.

It can be anything from a commercial database system to real time embedded assembler.

Copyright can be assigned to you and you could then pass the development and support on to an in house team should the project be a commercial success.

For start-ups and non IT businesses
Empty Jar This can be particularly suitable for a small or a start-up business that has a software requirement but the founders are not software people.

For example, you might be an estate agent with a great idea for a piece of software that all estate agents need, but have no idea about how to turn the idea into a program.

The money problem!
Coins Obviously we are happy to undertake the development for a fee, but we will also consider working on a profit share basis with minimal upfront commitment if we think that you are serious and the idea is a good one.

Just for the sake of clarity, a clone of Group On, Trip Advisor, Facebook etc is not a good idea.
Side Notes
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Computer programs are larger and take longer to write than many people imagine. For example PerBI is about 120,000 lines of code.

A typical paperback novel has about 250 pages, and about 45 lines per page, or 11,250 lines.  Imagine writing a story over 10 novels where the plot has no holes and no inconsistencies.