Very Technical Support
Wall Wall This service is aimed at businesses who normally don't need help, but unusual circumstances mean that some assistance is required. 

Here "is an example" of where the service makes sense.
Money Email us the problem and we will tell you how much work is required to solve your problem and how much that work will cost, if you are happy with this then we will do the work.

If you can schedule the work to be done over the next few days then the service is priced at £80 per hour.

If things are very very urgent we may be able to offer a "please drop everything and help me" service, this is a premium priced service at £150 per hour, yes we do mean one hundred and fifty, however it is a "No fix, no fee" service. This service is intended for last resort usage,it is not for trivial queries or regular work.

Internet fora are free!
Forum If it is simply a question on how something works then there are a large number of fora on the internet where the question may already have been asked and answered.

However you can sometimes spend a long time searching for an answer and then not understand it when you get it, or worse get a wrong answer.

You may also find a forum where an expert will answer you question for free, however if you are "out of your depth" you can be wasting the time of the person trying to help.

It appears expensive
Money We can offer this service because we spend a lot of time with various products and probably have a much better understanding of the principles under which they work. 

If you have learnt these principles then answering a question that has been puzzling someone for days can quite often be twenty minutes work.

There are no upfront fees, no long-term contracts, just a gentlemen's agreement that if you use the service then you will pay the bill. However we do not guarantee to be able to answer your question or respond to the request within a specific time.
Side Notes
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An Excel sheet which needed to be output as image files, built up as one image file per row using multiple columns.

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A simple COM object written in c++, or C# wrapping a .Net function, may solve a problem that is practically impossible to solve in VBA.