Cookies And Other Objects That Require Consent

GDPR Consent
The current settings for cookies and tracking tools that fall outside the GDPR as essential and require consent are shown in the panel to the right.

There are also details of a cookie that is "strictly necessary" so does not require consent.

Cookies And Similar Tracking Technologies
Type Name Agreed Details
Cookie ASP.NET_SessionId Essential - Consent not required Created by the Microsoft ASP.Net framework which is used by this site, it is an anonymous randomly generated identifier which links a browser with session data on the server.

Nearly all web sites with web pages that end in .aspx will also be using this cookie.

Life Time:Browser Session
There are no cookies or tracking tools that require consent

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Screen shot of weight loss calculator Weight Loss Calculator Tries to simulate the body and report the effects of food and exercise in periods as short as 15 minutes.

This level of detail highlights the effects of a run, bike ride or chocolate bar.

For those who are new to exercise, weight fluctuation due to glycogen usage is made much clearer.
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