User defined food items for weight loss calculator.

Custom Food Definitions Are Just Text.

Some food on a plate
This helper creates a custom food item string, these are simple text strings without any hidden characters or any "magic".

So once you have got the hang of creating them you can build custom food items using whatever tool you want.

New Food Item Builder

I want to add the food that I eat not use the ready made options.
To make getting used to the calculator easy there is a limited range of predefined food and drink.

You can also specify items that are not within this list, this is done by using the Advanced Food Editor (tick box at the bottom of the Add To The Food To Be Eaten) area.

The nutritional values for predefined food is known to the calculator, for user defined food you need to provide this information. Most of the numbers can be taken of the packet or possibly the internet, the only tricky ones are Glycaemic Index and Alcohol grams

Glycaemic Index is based on the 0-100 scale and can be looked up from various sites, or if you are not that bothered enter 50. As the Glycaemic index mostly affects absorption rate for most users it is not that significant. If there are any carbs in the food item the the GI must be at least 1. You are allowed to enter values that are nearly always unreasonable, such as 1, to allow for special caases, while there are some beans with a GI below 30 and fructose is surprinsingly low, most food comes in somewhere between 30 and 100.

Alcohol gramsMost people talk about units of alcohol rather than grams, to work out the number of grams of alcohol multiply the number of English units by 8.

Once you have created the food code using the helper below copy and paste this code into the Definitions To Add area on the main form.

I don't really expect this page will get much use as once you've got the idea notepad or possible a formula if you use a spreadsheet can be used as easily.


Food Details
Grams Of Fat
Grams Of Carbs
Grams Of Protein
Grams Of Alcohol (1 English Unit = 8g)
Overall Weight (grams)
Glycaemic Index (0-100)
Is A liquid
Code To Add

There is no button to copy the food code to the clipboard, you have to select the text in Code To Add and use <ctrl>C or whatever your browser uses.

This is because many security settings disable the browser's ability to access the clipboard via JavaScript as it is a security risk.

Copying is more often allowed than pasting but it all leads to different behaviour on different people's browsers and can be a pain, that site is rubbish as xyz doesn't work!

If you think that this sounds weird then the next few times that you switch to your browser, open Notepad and paste the contents of the clipboard into it, is it a list of accounts and passwords, the contents of a private email?

An iffy web site that could collect the clipboard of every user would get a lot of junk, but possibly enough info to make a good living out of send us some bitcoins or else.

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