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Me and a bike

See The Effects Of Food And Exercise On Body Weight In Intervals As Short As 15 Minutes.

A weight loss and exercise calculator that handles food, running, cycling, alcohol, and understands glycogen, ketosis and recovery.
A while ago I was on a cycling forum and there was a thread on how much weight you would lose cycling various distances and how much difference would a Mars bar and a can of coke make?

Surprisingly I couldn't find a calculator that would give a detailed answer, so I created this one and having spent a lot of time on it I now understand why I couldn't find one.

This calculator is different to all the others that I have seen because it tries to simulate the effect of food and exercise and weight change is a side-effect of this calculation.

This calculator was never intended to work with a mobile phone.

Personally I find that this calculator has too many questions and a too big an answer to work well on lower screen resolutions. I would suggest that if you are going to spend time using it a tablet, laptop or pc would give a better experience.

I have tried it on an iPhone 5, probably the smallest screen in common use and it works, just about.

Exercise And Nutrition Details

My Details
Age (years)
Height (cm)
Weight (kg)
Basal Metabolic Rate
Background Miles Walked (daily)
Standard Food Definitions
Eat Time :
Standard Meals  
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I want to create my own food item.
Advanced Food Editor
List Of Food To Be Eaten

Cycling Fitness And Equipment Cycling Mileage
Max Speed For 5 Minutes Start Ride   :
Average Speed For A 60 Minute Ride Riding Time (Minutes)
Bike Type Average Ride Speed (mph)
Riding Position Average Ride Power (watts)
Bike & Luggage Weight (kg) Adjust Recovery VO2Max   

Running Fitness Running Mileage
Best Time For 1 Mile Start Run   :
Best Time For 5K Running Time (Minutes)
Adjust Recovery VO2Max Average Run Speed (mph)   
Exercise To Be Undertaken

Calculator Options
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Daily Summary Results

This is an example of the results of the calculation.
  Energy In Energy Out Difference

Total Body
15 Feb 2021  
Weight Start of Day 69.00 80/1.80/1500  
Food Eaten   139 0 567 0 706  
Food Cost (TEF)   -14 0 -40 0 -54  
Basal Expenditure   1190 271 0 26 1488  
Background Exercise   55 31 0 0 87  
Cycling   197 161 0 0 358  
Running   142 203 0 0 346  
Recovery   62 16 0 0 78  
Weight End of Day 68.14 48/1.08/903  
SUMMARY -0.86 -32/-0.72/-597   652   2356 -1704
GRAND TOTAL -0.86 -32/-0.72/-597   652   2278 -1626
GLYCOGEN ADJ -0.15 0/0/0   1249   2356 -1107

Detailed Results

This is an example of the results of the calculation.








100:0069.00014004001500150/049Eat Fried Breakfast(1)
68.97913883971488150/047Basal usage 62kc, Fat 50kc, Glycogen 12kc, protein 2.2kc
68.97913883971488150/047Cycling(1) started
68.76112383541327150/047Cycling(1) at 104 watts, used fat/glycogen 197kc/161kc
68.76112383541327150/047  Cycling(1), used fat/glycogen ratios (calc/used) 55%/55% 45%/45%
68.76112383541327150/047  Cycling(1) bodily efficiency 25% and 25g of body fat used.
68.76112383541327150/047  Cycling(1) exercise calculated as average VO2 65%
68.76112383541327150/047Cycling(1) completed, Fat 197kc, Glycogen 161kc, totalling 358kc
68.76112383541327160/047Ketosis generated 0.4g of ketones worth 1.4kc
101:0068.87313263791421160/047Digest Fried Breakfast(1) converted 25.1g of carbs to 94kc of glycogen
68.86213183761412160/047Digest Fried Breakfast(1) to glycogen required 9.4kc of glycogen
68.86913183761412160/047Digest Fried Breakfast(1) converted 6g of fat to 54kc or 6.9g of body fat
68.86413143751408160/047  Digest Fried Breakfast(1) to fat required 3.8kc of glycogen
68.84313023721396160/045Basal usage 62kc, Fat 50kc, Glycogen 12kc, protein 2.2kc
68.83812993711392160/043Exercise Recovery usage 16kc, Fat 13kc, Glycogen 3kc, protein 2.3kc
68.83812993711392160/043Running(1) started
68.57611103171189160/043Running(1), used fat/glycogen 142kc/203kc
68.57611103171189160/043  Running(1), used fat/glycogen ratios (calc/used) 41%/41% 59%/59%
68.57611103171189160/043  Running(1) bodily efficiency 25% and 18g of body fat used.
68.57611103171189160/043  Running(1) exercise calculated as average VO2 60%
68.57611103171189160/043Running(1) completed, Fat 142kc, Glycogen 203kc, totalling 346kc
68.57611103171189180/043Ketosis generated 0.4g of ketones worth 1.4kc
102:0068.62811513291233180/043Digest Fried Breakfast(1) converted 11.9g of carbs to 44kc of glycogen
68.62311473281229180/043Digest Fried Breakfast(1) to glycogen required 4.4kc of glycogen
68.62311473281229180/043Fried Breakfast(1) all usable carbs extracted
68.62311473281229180/049Digest Fried Breakfast(1) absorbed 6g of protein
68.63011473281229180/049Digest Fried Breakfast(1) converted 6g of fat to 54kc or 6.9g of body fat
68.62611443271225180/049  Digest Fried Breakfast(1) to fat required 3.8kc of glycogen
68.60411323231213180/046Basal usage 62kc, Fat 50kc, Glycogen 12kc, protein 2.2kc
68.58711233211203180/044Exercise Recovery usage 50kc, Fat 40kc, Glycogen 10kc, protein 2.1kc
68.58711233211203190/044Ketosis generated 0.4g of ketones worth 1.4kc
103:0068.58711233211203190/050Digest Fried Breakfast(1) absorbed 6g of protein
Page Version:1.27, ExCalc Version:1.26  Version History

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