Example Calculations For The Weight Loss Calculator

Some Hints

Very small view of the detailed results

What The Examples Are Trying To Show

The example are simply a way to get started, not some magical path to .....
Basic Example Values
This is the suggested starting point, it has a little bit of food and a little bit of exercise.

It shows a majority of the values and calculations that take place without being overwhelming, the two results tables are explained in further detail Summary Results and Detailed Results.

The results start at 06:00 on the first day because the Calculator Option Hide Night was selected.

Set Commute Example Values
The example has someone cycling to and from work over 5 days, an hour each way.

Over the five days we see a weight loss from body fat, a gradual depletion of glycogen and protein deficiency caused by the recovery from exercise.

Set Low Carbs Example Values (Atkins)
This example is an Atkins type diet, high in protein and fat and low in carbohydrates, along with a 90 bike ride each day.

We very quickly get to the point where the body has absorbed all the protein that it can and is now using it as an energy source.

Note also that by the start of day 2 that almost a third of the body's glycogen has been used, along with the water associated with it. By the end of day 3 the body weight has dropped by 2.27kg, but 1.76kg of this is glycogen, so once some carbs are eaten this 1.76kg will reappear.

We can also see that on day 3 at around 18:00-19:00 this diet has caused a problem, a cycle ride is forced to slow to an almost stop by the lack of glycogen.

Remember that glycogen stored in muscles is not transferable so you can have 300 grams in the arms and the legs and liver can be empty. If you redo to calculation and change the Calculation Rate to 15 minutes this is more obvious.

Set Ketosis Example Values
This example may be slightly confusing as it doesn't match well with what you might have read.

Set 3 Pints Example Values
The main points of this example is to show how alcohol is processed, the point being that the drink isn't simply some extra calories like a chocolate bar, it is having some big effects on the body.

This isn't meant to be judgemental, I am a cask ale fan, but it may be surprising, and yes

Some beer is drunk at 20:00 and we see an increase in the blood alcohol level. This is followed by an increase in the calories available from alcohol which replaces carbs in the basal energy expenditure and finally the deferring of acquiring nutrients from the food eaten.

Set Cycling " No BMR Example Values
The main points of this example are to disable the BMR (and Ketosis) and specify one exercise and then use the Repeat Day 1 option to have this exercise repeated each day. Both are in Calculator Options.

This was introduced to simplify the results of exercise but actually it introduces its own problems.

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